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The RADIO Cave & our radio show

We transformed an empty design studio into a radio studio cave club, the stage for the RADIO internet radio festival. Using wood, metal, old clothing, and newspaper, we changed a cold, modern, and state-of-the-art design lab into a dark, comfortable cave. It had a stage (of course), a sound-booth, and a snack bar – but also secret entrances, comfortable ledges to sit or sleep on, and ladders to get to these ledges. The cave was filled with fantastic hanging stalagmites and stalactites, amazing chandeliers, and strange little discoveries to be made!

While building The Cave, we made our own radio show – 3 episodes. Two we recorded during days of hard editing, one was a live show -celebrating Pelle’s birthday! Pelle was sick that day, so Laurids taught Doug how to make a special Danish get-well-soon cake LIVE - of course, the visitors to the cave enjoyed our cake too – and helped us make it!

click here for RADIO Cave video

click here to hear our RADIO show!