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The Public Hair Department

Deep in our underground wig factory we built the most amazing hair-dos, and incredible beards.

Armed with a mobile-wig-lab and a telescoping ladder, we traveled Vienna: improving the public sculptures of centuries past. For days we continued our public service, improving Vienna’s sculptures one hair-do at a time.

Always happy to take requests, we heard of a particularly antiquated eyesore: Johan Strauss."Stay away from Johan Strauss! Giving him a new hair-do would create a national crisis! "

Johan Strauss, the golden fiddler surrounded by naked women, needed an extra special hair-do. We immediately put down our little-dos, and went to work, making him the most wonderful neon-day-glo-technicolored, flower-covered hair-do of all time – made of many braids, some piled high, some reaching down to the golden butt of Vienna’s golden treasure!

Parfyme Deluxe / Part of Exportable Goods at Krinzinger Projekte (a division of Galerie Krinzinger) in 2006.