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For a split second, while driving on I-95 towards New York City, an enourmous vessel appears, tucked away in the wetlands of northern New Jersey. In this ongoing project, I have mounted a series of expeditions to explore these no-man's lands, in search of this mysterious relic....

This 30 minute video records our most recent attempt - leaving the shore of Staten Island on our raft made of plywood and barrels. Quickly realizing we could never cross the bay on our vessel, we travelled north along the coast, following the Aurther Kills River, searching for a place to cross to New Jersey.

We discovered dozens of shipwrecks, hidden in the waters at the very edge of New York City.

It was in this urban wilderness that our motor dies, and one of our barrels began to fill with water, dragging us down. We made it to shore, and were marooned - forced to leave the relative safety of the water. We had no choice but to venture into the strange woods of Staten Island, braving the sounds of gunshots to get to the road....

This ongoing project has produced many maps, videos, drawings and photographs. Click here to see more!