in the center of this metropolis is a collapsing vision of a utopia. it's the rebirth of the utopian vision that came before it. we are dismantling these dead visions and building a new one out of their pieces: a living one.

we are flushtopians:

chris domenick, christopher robbins, chuck yatsuk, douglas paulson, elizabeth tubergen, emcee c.m., master of none, eva la cour, jacob goble, john baca, rachelle beaudoin.

& especially brian edwards, dan wright, erin sickler, ethan haymes, gisela "goose" insuaste, justin rancourt, kush, luke herron, ryann liebenthal, sam ekwurtzel, serena kuo, steve stollman, ward shelley.

it's here, on top of the 1939 and 1964 world's fair
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