Sinnerman, recorded May 1st, 2010 at Build It Green.

the bike parade arrived and we all made instruments: recycled trash into collaborative sound (and what wasn't trash at the beginning was picked up in pieces at the end of the night). may's mayhem; mob rule by a mob with an enormous heart of gold (bigger than the big golden debt-rock overhead). nina simone's song of warning became our moment of shared creation: a redemptive force, a joyous occasion.

thanks to everyone who shared this with us
& extra big ups to:
trent wolbe,
who recorded the album
jaime iglehart, who videoed the whole thing
anne hege, the composer who was conscripted into being our director
jacob bielecki, who learned the song on the spot, rocked the keyboards just right, and serendipitously brought the doctor who helped the guy who busted his arm while busting some moves.

we're glad you came.

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